Living Well Independently

What Does Living Well Independently Really Mean?


Living Well Independently means embracing concepts like self determination, choice, integration, freedom from barriers and dignity of risk. It’s having the same opportunity as a person without a disability to pursue one’s own destiny. Only you know what you want to do with your life. Leave it up to Voices to help you achieve it. Tell us what’s important to you and we will show you the way. We are already providing customized services to 100’s in northwestern PA. As a Center for Independent Living, VFI facilitates all the above while acting as a community center for empowering and fun activities.

A Living Well Independent person is self determining in these ways:

  • He lives where he wants to live.
  • She works in the job she wants to work.
  • He goes to places he wants to go.
  • She spends time with people she chooses.
  • He buys the things he wants to have.
  • She raises the children in the way she chooses.
  • He studies the topics he wants to learn more about.
  • She has fun doing activities of her choosing.
  • He manages his finances according to his own rules.
  • She worships where she wants to worship.
  • He manages his health, physical and emotional.
  • She has life, liberty and the choice to pursue her own happiness.
  • They love whom they choose, and others choose to love them.
  • They do none of this alone.