Attendant Care Waiver Programs in Pennsylvania

Attendant Care Service

What is a waiver program?

In Medicaid waiver program is designed to change the rules of what Medicaid provides.

Across the US, Medicaid provides funding for nursing home care for seniors and people with disabilities who cannot afford the care they need.

Medicaid, however, in its standard form does not fund care for people with disabilities to live in the community.

To solve this problem, Pennsylvania, as well as many other states, have applied for and been granted “waivers” that provide care in individual residences and other community types.

Waiver programs must provide

  1. care for nursing home eligible people
  2. a system to monitor safety
  3. at a lower cost than providing care in a facility

Waiver Programs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has six waiver programs. Each program has different eligibility requirements and provides different levels of service.

If you are currently participating in a waiver program, contact VFI to determine what program may be appropriate for you.