Gov. Wolf Requests Pennsylvanians to Wear Masks Outside of the Home

As you may have seen, Governor Wolf has asked that anyone leaving their home is wearing a mask. Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, stated “Wearing a mask, or even a bandana across your nose and mouth, could be an extra layer of protection.”

We all know that there is a shortage of N95 masks available, but the PA Department of Health has offered guidelines on masks, including a variety of resources to review, including 3 PDFs (Guidance on Homemade Masks, Understanding the Difference Between Homemade Masks, and Homemade Mask Factsheet).

All three PDFs (along with two DOH infographics) have been uploaded to the Google Drive folder at bottom, for easy access. The two infographics also appear at the top of this page. All original information located via