Volunteer Opportunities with Voices for Independence

Are you a person with a disability who has been discriminated against when attempting to access healthcare? Have you been denied access to an American Sign Language interpreter, an accessible exam table or x-ray table, or do you require a service animal that has been denied access when you have attempted to receive medical treatment?

Are you a person with a disability who worries about what you will do to access the equipment and services you need in the event of an emergency? Do you use a ventilator and worry about what you will do if you lose electricity due to an emergency? Do you have a plan in place to access the equipment and services you need if an emergency occurs?

The staff at Voices for Independence understands the need for education and advocacy to ensure access to medical care for people with disabilities as well as the need to make sure people with disabilities have a plan in place to obtain the services and equipment they need if an emergency occurs.

Voices for Independence is seeking volunteers interested in becoming part of a grassroots advocacy group to advocate for access to healthcare and emergency preparedness to people with disabilities. The group is being formed to fulfill the goals and objectives of a grant awarded to Voices for Independence. Members of the group will be educated on the 2013 Americans with Disabilities Act Healthcare Standards and will be expected to participate in and assist with various tasks and activities to implement one local systemic change in both healthcare and emergency preparedness that improves independence, inclusion, and integration of people with disabilities.

Anyone interested in participating as a member of the group should contact Voices for Independence at 814-874-0064 and ask to speak with Jessica Molczan or Rick Hoffman.