Affordable Housing for People with Disabilities

Affordable housing is important everywhere; nowhere is this more true than in our community of people with disabilities.

Underemployment among people with disabilities is still a big problem, and underemployment means lower average incomes. Many rely on Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance as their primary source.

Section 8 Housing

The Pennsylvania Housing Authority offers subsidized housing through its “Section 8” program. The program, however, is first-come first-served and the waiting list can be long.

If you are a low income individual, and not currently living in Section 8 housing, we recommend that you contact your local Housing Authority and begin the process for application. Even if you aren’t in need of housing immediately, having a spot reserved on the waiting list can dramatically improve your chances of finding housing you can afford.

Information for Landlords

If you currently own a wheelchair accessible residential properties, we strongly encourage you to examine the process for becoming eligible for Section 8 subsidies. People with disabilities need affordable housing, and tend to be a valuable long-term tenants. To learn more contact your local Housing Authority.

If you need assistance finding accessible housing, regardless of income, contact VFI and we will be happy to assist you.