Wheelchair Accessible Housing in the Erie Region

Wheelchair accessible housing

One of the most challenging obstacles to independence is finding truly wheelchair accessible housing. Furthermore, even if your disability doesn’t require the use of a wheelchair, identifying appropriate modifications can be critical to your success.

Voices for Independence tackles issues around housing with a number of strategies.

  • Identifying accessible housing
  • Lobbying for new accessible housing
  • Making accessible housing affordable
  • Modifications to housing for better access and function
  • Consumer guidance for renting or purchasing housing

Accessible housing is critical to independence, viability in the community, and to a fulfilling lifestyle. VFI is dedicated to assisting consumers in their search for safe and affordable housing.

VFI focuses intensely on transitioning consumers out of the health care system and into independence in the community. The first step when transitioning out of a nursing home is to identify appropriate housing based on the person’s needs, income level, support system and scope of their disability.

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