Attendant Housing Assistance Program (AHAP) Details

Please read the following information before applying for assistance via AHAP.

This is a program put into effect for our dedicated caregivers here at Voices for Independence. For those eligible, financial assistance is available for rent/mortgage, utilities, pest control, and vehicle repairs.

Complete the entire application (BLUE BUTTON AT BOTTOM OF PAGE). If you would prefer to print out your application, please see the links underneath the blue button at the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

This grant is being offered to assist low-income families who have recently experienced hardship. Funding is not limited to one bill or rent. Submit ALL rent or utilities that you are currently behind on and/or have shut off notices for, and be sure to include a copy of the entire page of your utility bill when doing so. You may only apply once per grant year.

You must submit proof of income for ALL adults, age 18 yrs or older, in the household. You can access your 2021 VFI W-2 from Insite or check the “Year to date” section of the last paystub of 2021. You will need to provide your last 4 paystubs, and paystubs for any other jobs you may have. W-2’s, final 2021 paystubs, and social security award letter are acceptable forms of proof of income. We are required to collect this information for reporting purposes and to ensure income guidelines are met.

You must submit a complete (FRONT AND BACK) copy of your current lease agreement, any late payment letters from your landlord, copy (FRONT AND BACK) of all utility bills and/or shut off notice for which you are applying. Estimates or quotes for pest eradiation are acceptable. This information is required so that we have remittance information.

If requesting vehicle repairs, you must submit a complete copy of your registration to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle in need. Once your application is reviewed and approved, VFI will begin the process of connecting you with a reputable auto repair shop, who has partnered with us to provide assistance through AHAP.

We would like to know what happened that got you behind. This grant is to help attendants that are in a tough spot. We need your story. We are required to report who this grant is helping, not names, but for example: single income household, COVID, special circumstance.

Completed applications will be processed as they are received.  Once a determination has been made, you will be contacted about the award details, i.e. amount, specific bills to be paid, etc.

If you have any questions about this application or the grant, please reach out to your assigned PAS Supervisor at your local VFI office, listed below. Thank you.

VFI Erie
(814) 874-0064

VFI Washington
(724) 223-5115

VFI Seneca
(814) 493-8693

VFI St. Marys
(814) 788-2499

If you would prefer to print/complete your application by hand, click HERE for a printable PDF version of the 2022 AHAP application.

If you are completing a printed application, and request assistance with rent, click HERE for a printable PDF version of a W-9, which must be completed by your landlord.